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At some stage of life many men and women will suffer with a hair or scalp problem. If you are suffering from hair loss (no matter how mild) or have problems with your scalp now is the time to do something about it.

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Female Androgenetic Alopecia
Ethnic Hairloss
Male hair loss treatment
Alopecia Barbae Treatment
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Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss treatments
The number of women suffering from hair loss is increasing in today’s increasingly stressful world.
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Male Hair Loss

Hair loss can happen at any time for many men. If you are suffering with hair loss, you are not alone.
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Read what our clients say…

“The issues that I had with an itchy scalp have all but gone since starting my treatment from The Hair Centre.”
Mr Wilde, Newcastle

“My hair is a lot stronger now and there is no visible loss following a shower or bath, the recommended treatments has certainly stabilised my condition.”
Mrs Simpson, Clapham

“I am so grateful for the advice and products you gave me to help with itchy scalp issue I had. Thank you Gary.”
Miss Smith, Birmingham

“My hair is visibly thicker. The treatment has without question reversed my hair loss.”
Mrs Standing, Slough

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